Angelica The Socialite by PhealGud

Angelica The Socialite


2 March 2018 at 10:30:15 MST

After the success of 3D modeling new characters from scratch with the results of Gabby Grackle, I decided to do the same with an old NPC I created. Initially made for a couple of old Ironclaw games, I've updated Angelica to fit the 1920's themed Urban Jungle rule set and to overall fit more modern scenarios. The character herself is the classic 'sheltered youth escaping the manor of an over protective father' kind of trope though also playing around with other characteristics. I ended up making two versions of her via two separate outfits that portrayed what she was like inside the house and outside the house. (That and I just couldn't decide which outfit she was more cute in so I decided just to do both)

This outfit is for those special occasions when she's slipped away from under her father's nose and go's into the fancy city to party. While drinking age, she's unfortunately not as experienced with socializing as she wants to due to her sheltered lifestyle. Though, nothing like a little money and being the daughter of a famous engineer to help crash a party or two.

Quick note to my friend Ghostbellies who helped me design her outfit.

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