Phil "Pheagle" Adler - Eagle Form: Model Sheet by PheagleAdler

Phil "Pheagle" Adler - Eagle Form: Model Sheet


2 October 2016 at 04:52:36 MDT

The quintessential reference of Pheagle for his primary forms as a human football player and bald eagle. This reference features both the front and back of his uniform, as well as references for his cleats and naked eagle body (see next page).

Phil is #00 of the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles professional football team and plays as a wide receiver. He often rips through his clothing during transformations, as he's often unprepared for when it happens.

Claw/talon length is open to interpretation, and eye black is usually only included on football-related images.

Drawn by wfa who is an excellent choice for reference sheets!