Having a rest [beware of artist] by Pharsalus

Having a rest [beware of artist]


16 September 2018 at 06:26:16 MDT

Sometimes a soldier has to rest, nothing like finding a good sturdy stump or stone to rest your weary legs while out on march!

AkaiArashi90 / mixienekomata / mixxienekomata /mishienekomata

beware of comissioning her. I dont know if the mental issues she claims to have are fake or not but since april 5th she has used them as a way to dodge talking about finishing this piece. so beware of her. dont comisison her. she uses her percieved issues to manipulate you into feeling bad about asking for unfinished art. SHe isnt a bad artist, just a bad person who uses her claimed issues to excuse her own shortcomings and bad behaviours.

proof here: https://imgur.com/gallery/A4m0DNu