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Finally. FINALLY. I finally got my website redesign finished!

Most exciting is I finally have a collection of almost all of my projects and events.
My sizzle reel of sorts, of all the things we've worked on as a duo while living here in LA.

As some of you know, Saberfire and I work in Los Angeles in the production industry. We're kind of all over the place; sometimes we work on TV shows, sometimes we work on award event parties, sometimes we build props and sometimes we rent our costumes for filming and events.

We're billed as Rapid Prototypers and Speciality Fabricators, which is a weird way of saying we can build just about anything, out of anything.

There are still some projects we've done that we can't talk about. Pilots that got bought but then shelved, or prototypes for products that never went anywhere with investors.

Each button icon has links, behind the scenes images and project details if you're curious to read more!

Saberfire and I built the site using MUSE, which is an amazing bit of software once you get familiar with it.

Thanks for looking!