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Phantom (#3 by Apes) by PhantomFullForce

Phantom (#3 by Apes)


19 September 2013 at 01:43:28 MDT

Phantom (c) me

Art (c) Apes (FurAffinity)

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Visual / Digital


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    I.. I just.. I can't say anything anymore. you know everything I'm going to say. I'm gonna go take a cold shower o.o

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      I have to ask...when you saw the thumbnail, what exactly did you think this was? :o

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        I actually didn't think it was Phantom for one. I thought it was something sily and cute, which it is, but didn't expect any actual nudity. Especially since it had a blue border instead of yellow or red xp

        But when I read your name over it, I thought "I gotta see this! I know there won't be anything showing, but Phantom is the best teaser ever" heh ^^; and I was rewarded with a really well drawn sketch, love the paws, the thickness of your character. not fat, no, this thickness is a realistic thickness, like Phantom is real and fluffy. the arms, I want to squeeze and measure, touch and enjoy. His paws looks nice and strong, and his hips... my god.. and that face makes me think he hurt himself ^^; so.. I thought a lot when I saw the thumbnail ^^;

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          My thoughts exactly! It's something different with the Phantom character which makes it so sweet. I love this artist's work, you should check her out on FA:

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            if I used FA I would. this artist is really great!

            I would love to see more phantom in this style.

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    I wanna hug him from behind and rub his tummy x3 and then do other stuff =x Idk what it is, there is a million other foxs in the fandom and yet Len and I seem to like Phantom so much xD Maybe it's because we haven't been able to see him in a sexually compromising position yet =x

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      Glad you like the character but those comments are getting too creepy for me. Just saying! :o

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        I wouldn't take it too personally if I were you. They are obviously directed toward a fictional character and my attraction to him. I'm sure you aren't innocent in regards to your thoughts of... say a female you might find attractive? I am just being honest. Your character is cute and attractive, and I don't think its creepy to want something you cannot have, I think its the nature of... well... all things, really.

        It's funny. My comment was actually meant to explain WHY I like phantom so much, so you wouldn't think Len and I were stalking him for no good reason. I thought you would understand the concept of wanting that which you can't have.

        Anyway if that is how you feel about others being attracted to Phantom, perhaps you should stop showing off so much of him? I will certainly withdraw my attention. I'm sorry.

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          Please don't think I'm mad at you. Let me explain where I'm coming from. A few days ago, one of my good friends on FA posted his first mature submission and asked that people don't leave creepy comments. Needless to say, furries complained and a lot of drama and stress ensued for me and him.

          I'm less sensitive than he is, I don't mind comments about Phantom like "you're hot" (I'm flattered actually), but more explicit things I don't like. Phantom is straight and I'll never permit pictures of him in a "sexually compromising pose" unless it's with his girlfriend Spectre (or whomever I fall for next though odds are he'll stay monogamous).

          If you lust after the character, then fine (everyone loves Phantom), but just respect what you say around my character and I'll return the favor. I hope you see where I'm coming from...just have respect for the creator and he'll return the favor. If Phantom starts drawing loads of creepy comments, I'll have to dial back the sexy pics. That's all there is to it. :\

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          Sorry if I sound mean, don't worry about it too much, though I hope what I said made sense.

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            Well different people have different opinions about things like that. I am who I am, honest if nothing else, I said what came to my mind. I don't think calling me creepy, especially in a public setting such as this, was necessary. I don't think expressing that I wanted to hug him and rub his tummy was a sexually inappropriate comment. I also do not think that saying I wanted to do "other stuff" to him, is infringing on your personal space, therefore not creepy. I am aware that you will never have him drawn that way (part of the reason we are as interested as we are - he's a tease), and I am also aware that you are straight. I don't think anything I said, or have said previously would be cause to make you call me (or my mate, as I am sure he has expressed more interest than I) creepy.

            I wonder if you did not use that word simply because your friend did so earlier? It just seems like a stretch to say that comment was creepy. And it was offensive to me... like calling me annoying for posting too many comments, or stupid for having a different opinion. I wonder... Do you think it is creepy, because it is a guy who said those things? It doesn't really sound good when put that way.

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              The hug and rub my tummy comments weren't bad. Anything about sexual positions or similar things, I did not like. Creepy may have been a poor choice of word because I know you mean well and at least it's from people I know as friends instead of random strangers. But I'm not sure how else to put it since the submission comments have been getting more salacious over time.

              And about the hit on a guy bit, I don't know, I've never been hit on by a girl in the fandom... There's not many furry girls out there who go looking for purple foxes for the sake of flirting (most girls in the fandom are asexual or taken). If a girl started get close with Phantom against my will, I'd deal with her the same way.

              Sorry if the conversation blew up, I don't know what else to say and sorry if I hurt your feelings. :(

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                I think it is all relevant. I have already agreed to withdraw my attention, and have no problems doing so. My personal feelings are that you should relax and accept it as a given that some people will openly admit a sexual interest in your character, and you would do better for yourself to just take it with a grain of salt. I will also say, the reason the comments have become more "salacious" is because you have shown more and more of Phantom over time. Whether you realize it or not, to a gay male interested in another male (such as my interest in Phantom) that is one hell of a tease that keeps getting closer and closer to the big reveal, yet I know the revel will never come. I am... a pervert, for lack of a better word. And I'm honest about myself. I feel that tummy rubs, and vague remarks of something more are not so inappropriate, so this is who I am. I see a hot guy, I comment on hot guy. I see hot guy in underwear, I comment on wanting to see more. And on and on, it is who I am, I am unashamed and have never gone into greater detail on what I want unless I KNOW it is a welcome comment. I did not wish to upset you, however, I am sad that I cannot be me around you. Love it or hate it, I am a forward guy. It may have also been better if you had said this in a PM. Calling someone out in public can make all the difference in another person's reaction and I would have gladly held this conversation with you there.

                My feelings were not hurt. I was only offended. I am glad you apologized, I was not expecting you to. That means we have both apologized and I don't think anything more can be said. My interest in Phantom won't change, but I will stop leaving vaguely lewd comments about him, but I am disappointed about it. Oh well. C'est la vie

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                  Sorry that I offended you with this talk and also sorry that I didn't talk about this through notes. Not sure what else to say that hasn't been said. Hope you understand.