Simple Life by Phantasmall

Simple Life


24 May 2018 at 16:38:53 MDT

So a friend and I discovered Stardew Valley's co-op mode. Naturally, the first thing we did was make lesbians. 

And, of course, within an hour, they both had backstories: 

Mumford is the small purple one. She's the daughter of a noble family from a wealthy fishing village. She wanted to be an interior designer, but her family wanted her to be involved in the family business. She complied for a while, working in the accounting department, that's where she met Ramona. But she quickly grew frustrated of that life, and ran away to Stardew Valley to get away from it all. She brought Ramona along as a "personal guard" so her parents wouldn't worry. (Spoiler Alert - They're basically married.) At Stardew Valley, she has a quaint farmhouse to decorate and redecorate to her heart's content, and plenty of freetime where she can fish, garden, and defend her big weenie wife from monsters in the mines, given that it's not too dark. Mumford is afraid of the dark. Mumford is calm, classy, but has a bit of a murderous streak in her when it comes to the monsters in the mines. Better she works out her frustrations there then say... on the people in town. She has a thing for the other artsy mind in town (Leah).  

Ramona is the big red one. She's the daughter of a blacksmith (not Clint, just a random unnamed blacksmith) and she'll always be one at heart. When her father died of a freak furnace accident, she lost her passion for smithing, though, and tried to find a new path in life. She worked at an accounting firm for a while (and she wasn't very good at it). There, she met Mumford, who helped rekindle her passion for smithing. They both tired of accounting quickly, and Ramona followed her small purple love to Stardew Valley. Here, Ramona has an entire mine to explore and mine for ore, given that her wife is there to kill the bugs for her. She's very afraid of bugs. She spends her days mining and smelting ore, and taking care of the lifestock on the farm. Ramona is basically a golden retriever who's the size of a bear. She's big, probably overly friendly, and doesn't always know her own strength. She just wants to be friend with the townsfolk and woo that pretty lady Abigail. Ramona has a type... it's rebellious purple-haired ladies.