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Bright Skies - Crimson Peril & Don Karnage by Phaeton99

Bright Skies - Crimson Peril & Don Karnage


20 January 2014 at 22:07:25 MST

Catherine "Crimson" Pierrot (Peril) is a major character from a project of mine called "Bright Skies" (formerly "Skyfox"). Originally a take-off on Disney's Talespin setting, it has taken something of a life of its own... and possibly wandered away from being anthropomorphic and closer to "Sky Captain" in tone. It's hard to be certain, since it has become more prose than art. I might post odd bits from this projects, including old concept art and the like.

Crimson is Captain Peril's daughter and his equal in skill and guile. In the original "Talespin" version, she was an long-time distant acquaintance of Don Karnage, an Air Pirate operating in another region. He was uncertain of her parentage until she appears in the company of the "late" Captain. Initially unaware of the insane scope her father's plans for vengeance, Crimson ends up opposing him.

In the present form of the project, Bright Skies, Crimson is still Peril's talented daughter — youngest of numerous half-sibings — but despite her unparalleled skills and obvious aptitudes, she is frustrated by not being recognized as his logical heir and equal, and will ultimately abandons the "Fighters of the Crimson Banner" to seek out a rising power that appreciates her abilities — and thus will become his bitterest enemy. Don Karnage has no analogue in the current version.

This illustration is an old piece of original cel art — a back-painted transparency with some brush strokes visible in the scan — digitally composited for this gallery. Despite the pose here, Crimson Peril had no romantic interest in Karnage, nor vice versa, sharing a relationship more like sibling rivals — understandable, as they were both proteges of Captain Peril, and eager to prove who is the better.

Acrylic on Acetate
from an Ink Drawing on Bristol
with Digital Color

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