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I've been around since the early days, when USENET was the community norm and everyone just had personal gallery sites scattered across the web. Then I went away for a time, and concentrated on other things. But now, I have returned... at least insofar as being here.

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Current Project - Poe Plush!

on 22 February 2014 at 12:41:47 MST

For those who have been wondering why things have been quiet around here of late, this is the project that has been occupying my creative energies. Who knew that a plush toy would be so complicated to design form scratch? Of course, I had to get ambitious and included a removable Juice of Unlife syringe and multiple insertion points while I was at it, too.

The schematics will soon be sent off and prototype constructed, then it will be time for the Kickstarter campaign to put it into proper production and distribution. Stay tuned, spread the word: the Pup of the Apocalypse is coming! :D

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