Poke Dancers FOR SALE by PewterKat (critique requested)

Poke Dancers FOR SALE (critique requested)


29 September 2013 at 13:11:43 MDT

Can also be called "All the Wild Pokes"

So put yer paws up

If you like it, then you shoulda threw a ball at it


So anyway, this is nearly 2 years in the works. It was originally inspired by Medicham. It looked so graceful, so I wanted to draw a Medicham girl dancing. Then I thought, why have her so lonely? So I picked two more pokemon to put with her. I never should've picked Jynx. >_< She, unfortunately, has literally been a jinx since I started. Originally, I had her doing snake arms, but she looked so ackward. So I switched her to a slightly less ackward stance. But she's all out of proportion, and looks so stiff compared to the other two. DX It struck me just after I finished that I could've had her in a different pose, playing a tambourine. Also, the background took WAAAY longer than it should've. But I think I got it where I'm... somewhat satisfied with it. ._.'

If you like it enough, I'm selling the original for $20.

Oh Jynx, why do you look like a purple oompa-loompa? D:

Medicham, Jirachi, and Jynx (c) Nintendo

Art (c) me

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