You Can't Outrun Fate by PenyiarWolff

You Can't Outrun Fate


20 November 2017 at 06:32:00 MST

Realized I didn't upload this here...Oops.
Nearly started crying close to the end of this. Something I...tend to do when I notice I'm getting better at art.
This is the first full piece, that I am proud of, that does not use any fancy brushes for anything in the image. The fanciest brush is a bristled brush for the grass.
While the grass is not perfect, it's a pretty good start. We all have to start somewhere.
Do I think this is my best piece? No. Not at all.

Now onto the character, she's an old one. A very old one. A few years at minimum. Her name was something generic like "sky" and I'm going to be working on a better name. I still love these creatures, even if they are basically Harpies (though I don't picture Harpies with the tails, or the same anatomy? But that's just me~). They're a personal species of mine that I hope to one day make a story out of.

Also, don't ask about the scene. It was an excuse to draw a better rabbit, as well as an excuse to practice bird anatomy. The legs still get me, which is super frustrating. I can never make bird legs look correct, however I do know I'm getting better at the chest and wings (though they do admittedly look odd here).

Thank you for reading, and I hope you guys have enjoyed and will keep enjoying my artwork and seeing me grow. I know it's something I love to see other artists do, especially one of my close friends.

Art, Design and Character:PenyiarWolff PenyiarWolff
Please, I ask that you do NOT make ocs of this species. They're closed and super personal to me since I plan on writing a story about them at some point.

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