Hi, I'm Alex. ^,__,^ I really enjoy making plushies and sculpting figures, as well as drawing here and there. I also really enjoy cooking and baking a lot. I am currently working on producing more examples of my work, especially when sewing and sculpting. As for drawing, I'm working on getting better at it and defining my own style a bit more since I tend to fluctuate.

Commissions: -OPEN-
Trades: -OPEN-
Requests: -MAYBE-

I also play World of Warcraft whenever I have time, so if any would be interested in playing with me, that'd be awesome. ^_^



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Commission TOS

on 3 May 2014 at 21:18:49 MDT

Payment must be sent directly after receiving a rough sketch of your commission. The rough sketch is given to show an example of what your piece will look like before the creation process begins. Payment can be given upfront for any commission. Once everything is agreed upon, I will sent an invoice with the cost. All payments will be sent are USD pricing.

If it is a bigger commission (most likely if it is a larger, custom plush usually over $30), you can decide to pay the full amount all at once, or you can pay half of it upfront and we can discuss making payments for the rest. Prices for plushies can vary, even if they're for the same plush depending on what options are available (i.e. maybe you want resin eyes instead of fleece or felt eyes, same with claws, etc). However, your commission will not be sent out until the full, agreed upon amount has been received.

Refunds will only given if there is an unforeseen circumstance (like a broken sewing machine) that prevents me from completing your commission. Nit picking is not an unforeseen circumstance. I will always make sure to create your commissions to the highest quality that I can for your enjoyment.

You will be given a rough sketch to approve of first. Please note ANY major changes needed to your commission during this phase. If by the time it is done you dislike something, it is too late. I will not do a major change at the end of the finished product. Do not expect the sketch to look like an exact replica of what is to be created. At any given time, you may either check my journal or note me to request a status update on your commission. Please do not overuse this by messaging me every single day or every few hours. More than likely I will have other people's commissions to work on as well.

You may repost the image of what you will be receiving once your commission is done. In the description of the commission I would like credit, containing both my username and the URL to the original post are appreciated. At a minimum, you must include my username in the description as being the original artist.

~To Contact Me~
You can contact me on here through the use of notes, though I would prefer to discuss commissions through email since they are easier for me to keep track of. You can email me at If there is a character or creature you would like your commission based on, please include a link to some sort of reference image, along with any additional details. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

~Other Information~
-I have the right to accept or deny any commission.
-I will only respond to serious inquiries and will not respond to requests without the intention of completing a sale.
-Any and all down payments are non-refundable once the commission has been started.
-Some supplies may take time to arrive depending on what I may need for your commission and what I have on hand.
-I have the right to terminate a commission if I have complications with a customer such as rudeness, drama, harassment, or other inappropriate behavior or insults. I respect you and wish only to create something for you that you will enjoy, and I expect the same respect.
-I will craft tasteful adult content. If you are not sure if what you want is tasteful or not, feel free to contact me and we'll work it out.
-I will also craft fandom-related things as well (i.e. Avengers, Pokemon, MLP, Doctor Who, etc).

If there is anything that I left out or you have questions on, feel free to let me know either via note or email.

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    Really appreciate the watch! <3 Thanks so much

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      Of course! I couldn't /not/ watch you. :)

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      You're welcome! :D Your 3D pendants are amazing!!

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        Thank you! I'm glad you like them! :D

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