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Dark Dragon by Pentazer

Dark Dragon


15 February 2019 at 18:39:42 MST

A picture of my dark dragon from Wyrm's Story in Chronicles of the Realms of the Nightmareverse (my canon). After the Waning Crescent Age when the gods were slain the dragons were the first to fall to the corruptive influence of the Night (the Nightmare of Realms). The dragons all lost their natural magic as well as many of their natural draconic abilities but all became "dark dragons." Part shadowy nightmare they breathed a shadow version of their original breath weapon, constantly had a smoky mist flowing off them and generally took on a black to purple hue. These dark dragons regenerated in darkness and could turn both invisible and transform into "night" an amorphous, ethereal darkness, making them impervious to non magical weapons. This particular dark dragon is what became of the lord of Demon Castle Firegate. He rampaged across the Low Wall that divines Nadir from Ishran for a few decades before he was thwarted, harnessed and made into a mount by a Tyrfing "risk breaker" of the Shadowgarde, a division of the Dawnish Knights of Order (D.K.O.). This dragon was one of the few dragons that still remained in the Upper and Lower Dark ages. By the mid point of the Lower Dark Age all true (dark) dragons were dead.

More awesome monster art by the talented DSW7 Thanks again!