The Macron Prince by Pentazer

The Macron Prince


19 July 2018 at 18:54:11 MDT

My character for an upcoming Magnum RPG beta test, the Macron Prince. Formerly a regular anthro that was captured by a totally-not-tyranid hive species called the Negoroths. They basically function like the tyranid/zerg for brevity sake. The current galactic cluster is being actively infested by the local swarm, which is a few million years old. Since the hive has reached maturity, it's time for them to birth a new Macron (heart of the swarm), which by chance happened to be Pentazer! Transformed into a sapient negoroth with a synaptic range of 3 AU at (re)birth. He starts with a venom canon and lash whip. While weaker and more fragile than a typical biomorph, he is immortal and can be reborn from the last imprint of his mental signature wherever the hive has spawning pools. If he's disconnected from the collective consciousness and dies, he will be reborn to the last memory he had before losing that connection! The campaign will be about preparing him for maturation and helping the current Macron before him. Once he's matured enough he'll be cocooned within a chrysalis and surrounded by a fleet of millions of Negoroth ships of billions of biomorphs. They will spend about a century opening a transwarp conduit (the bigger the fleet, the longer it takes to open the wormhole) to a distant galaxy, where he will be sent to infest it much like his sire. The cycle will then continue!

Art by the continually awesome DSW7 check them out! The campaign is being hosted by korvinagor featuring my RPG system Magnum which has been in development for a year now.