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The Macron Prince by Pentazer

The Macron Prince


19 July 2018 at 18:54:11 MDT

A prototype character of mine pending use for a future campaign. The Macron Prince is a sentient, sapient hive lord that assimilates organics much like The Thing while able to plant and grow hive cores that can grow into full swarms which the Macron Prince controls. The Prince also can have his body melt down into a bio pool and have his consciousness transported through the swarm to any other location and a new body grown for him at that location, effectively permitting intragalactic teleportation as long as the arrival point has a hive capable of growing his body.

Art by the continually awesome DSW7 check them out! The campaign is being hosted by korvinagor featuring my RPG system Magnum which has been in development for a year now.