New Art of Mae by penny-forest

New Art of Mae


23 February 2014 at 14:08:46 MST

Mae's New App Art
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Questions: (Ask if you have any)
Mae! What happened to your hair?!
"... I... I cut it." She lied, stumbling through her words but then regaining her bravado and following up her last statement "It's because whenever I untied my hair, it would fall to my face. So I cut it and left the long hair in the back... So it wouldn't interrupt me when I'm sewing or dancing when I'm too lazy to tie my hair.." She reasoned, scratching her temple with a finger as she looked to the side.
So, what happened to your sleeveless, converse and short skirt?
"... I still wear the skirt during dance practice with leggings under it... It... Got dirty... So I didn't want to walk around in that freely... There's a stain and I tried everything to get it off... But it wouldn't..." She paused a while and smiled at you "But yes, I still do use it. As for my sleeveless shirt, it got stained, too, so I use that as pajamas. My converse... I use that when I go out. Out out."
You look more mature .3.
"That's exactly what I was aiming for! Thank you!.... But I seriously think it's because of my hair.." She said in a pained voice but continued to smile, "If I still had full length hair I would look like a child in this colorful outfit."
Why is your tail covered like that?
She looked at you, the expression in her eyes full of fear as they start to water. She looks to the side and forces a smile "I needed something to match my socks." She looked back to you, the tears in her eyes dried.
I like your outfit!
"... Thanks" She said, before giving a sharp sigh and turning around to walk away, gripping the strap of her bag and feeling slightly uneasy.
What's in the bag?
"My sketchbook and pencil case. Pencil case has 24 pencils, 4 Erasers and 2 sharpeners in it." She answered directly.

Pfft, Mae still looks like a kid to me but one of my friends pointed out that she looked older, thus, adding the question. What really happened was in a roleplay... Which I will not reveal! Because Mae would never talk sugar about it. Feel free to ask her questions, though, I'll add it into the description and inform you when it's been added.

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