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Comm: Ghormac Ref Sheet by PenMark

Comm: Ghormac Ref Sheet


A character ref sheet for GhormacWhitefang over on FA.

Doing this cybernetic arm was a good test at my drawing-mechanical-parts ability; overall it was a fun picture to do. :D

I think I'm finally getting the hang of making ref sheets look interesting ( least I hope?)


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    I like the arm! Very nice. I usually find that a small front and back image without shading can make markings a lot easier for future artists to use. That's just what I have had fed back to me about my refs in the past though.

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      Thanks! And ahh, yeah that makes sense. I haven't really gotten any feedback from any artists using my previous ref sheets, so I really appreciate the heads up.

      With this one, he had so much black that I just wanted to help his form show up better. I'll keep that in mind though, and mention it to future costumers. :D

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        This is the best example I have for it it was a colour selection but it keeps it simple and leaves little room for misinterpretation. This is a pretty clear ref though so shouldn't be a bother and after all it might be a character ref not just for artistic reference. It's a tricky thing to balance.