Spring Equinox 2015 by PenMark

Spring Equinox 2015


4 September 2015 at 20:05:39 MDT

This was quite fun to try out, as had been awhile since I did a background this detailed. I will likely be trying this more often, and can't wait to experiment!

Any critique is gladly welcome. :)

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    This is lovely but I think maybe the picture is a little blurred which looses detail? The only critique I might have i that the foot doesn't seem to be touching the ground properly, like it's just hovering over the dirt. The composition is very sweet.

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      Good point; my perspective was a little off, especially since I wasn't that used to adding backgrounds ><

      And yeahhhhhhhhh, I definitely need to rescan this.

      Thanks for the feedback!!! :3

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        Do you ever do thumbnails to plan out composition? I find I have to do scenery first then put the characters in it. I'm not skilled enough to make it fit around the characters

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          For important projects/commissions, yes though I still sketch the character first, making sure they fit correctly on the page, and then start adding the perspective lines and background. The "rule of thirds" is one the most helpful tool to me, when it comes to composition.

          It's good to follow what feels natural to you though, as long as the perspective of the subject and background match (unlike my picture here ><)

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            Well it's all a learning curve! :D