Mgc 7: Gem Djinn by Penlink

Mgc 7: Gem Djinn


16 June 2015 at 16:22:19 MDT

Day Seven of the Adventurer journal: Djinn

Danger level: none (if you have a fancy slime with you), Medium ( if you are alone)

The Djinn is a monster that can be considered a demigod. Usually they are found inside of jars and various pots, where the inside of the pot was enchanted to become the size of a size. In rare cases, Djinn cities can exist in one jar.

Now a Djinn can be considered a Demi-god, or some sort of reality bending entity that seems to grant wishes. When they grant wishes they do it as a hobby, though you must remember to never lie about your wish. Also do not be afraid of them making your wish, as they are not literally going to go with it. So if you wish for bucks, they will give you a hundred dollars . Though it might be better to ask them for gold instead, as they effortless create it from nothing.

One caution though, if you make a wish, the Djinn will keep an eye on the wisher for their whole life. So if they lied to the Djinn about their wish, they will be punished.

If someone happens to upset a Djinn, pray that your best friend is a fancy slime. In the Djinn society, they consider hand tailored clothed items to be of high value, as they lack the ability to craft clothes. So the Djinn trade goods and wishes with Fancy Slimes, and The Fancy Slimes give them tailored clothes. They made a pact to not attack or spirit away the friends of Fancy Slimes.

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