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5 November 2018 at 15:16:17 MST

What has more power? A protest or a riot? A voice or a fist? A ballot or a molotov?

If one's goal is to destroy, then a riot. If to push an idea, a protest.
If to cause injury, a fist. If to change minds, a voice.
If to burn a storefront, a molotov. If to change the world, a ballot.

To fix a machine, you must locate its parts which are broken and replace them with ones that work. Sadly, the machine that is the United States is way past due for a checkup. The machine is very much broken, but replacement parts are available and tomorrow is the day that the machine gets opened.

Rioting only proves that you're violent, and people generally don't side with violence. Use your vote, your voice, to cause change rather than destruction.

I remember a few weeks ago, ANTIFA was putting up pig heads next to posters saying "Don't vote, REVOLT." Yet, what they fail to realize is that the revolution comes in the form of a vote. The total 180 between Obama and Trump is proof of exactly that: one winner can totally undo whatever good or bad the previous had done.

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