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MFF17 - Miateshcha Commission: Cobalt - Pencils by Pegasus316

MFF17 - Miateshcha Commission: Cobalt - Pencils


Definitely one of the stranger concepts I got this year. XD

So, the idea was for Cobalt here to be sitting at a table as if on a date (hence the two wine glasses). A dialogue balloon will eventually show her saying, "Nothing for me, thanks. I've already eaten."

To emphasize this, the lower right corner reveals the contents of her stomach, in which she has apparently partaken of some of sci-fi/fantasy's better known spaceships and stations, such as the Planet Express ship from Futurama, the Enterprise, the Millennium Falcom, a Star Destroyer, the Death Star, a TIE Fighter, the saucer ship from Lost In Space, and if you look down in the lower left corner of that panel, you just might make out a tiny T.A.R.D.I.S. ;)

This is obviously a work in progress, and several of these designs (all of them?) are in need of heavier referencing than I had done at the time of this sketch. But, it's a start, at least. ;) Admittedly, I didn't have a Death Star in front of me when I drew it. So, I know it is WAAAAY inaccurate. : P

More to come! :)

Cobalt is property of :iconmiateshcha:.
Artwork is © 2018 Adam Fullerton.
Do not redistribute!