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02. Quartz by Pearlsnake

02. Quartz


19 August 2014 at 12:07:18 MDT

Egg 02. from batch 2 Quartz

c: I love kirin. Had a lot of fun coming up with this lady. She's a bit non traditional? The head shape is more oryx inspired than horse or deer though Korat is free to change that to a more common shape if they want :'3

female, Kirin, lean, artist reign form.

Quartz belongs to kardi kardi/ korat

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    i really like this one! lucky kardi!

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    Wow! So beautiful Keedot <3 I really love the non-traditional look to her! The crystal horn is so pretty and I lose how it carries through her scales. Also, them leg markings. Idk what it is about them but I love them and the the crystal hooves! Plus the way you used the palette is just gorgeous. Though the way you use color palettes in general is divine man So pretty! Kardi is so lucky to get her <3

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      ;; Ahh thank you~ !!

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        Weasyl ate my comment, there was like so much more to that comment. and I didn't notice until after I saw it just now ><

        The original comment was complimenting how well the crystal flowed from the crystal horn down to through the scales and was incorporated in the hooves plus how well you utilized the color palette (which you always use colors so well anyway) and how much I loved the leg markings. Also the non-traditional design is so perfect <3

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    Gah, this is amazing, just gorgeous. I was so hoping you'd incorporate the crystal into the horn and the body -- and ah, the hooves!!! I love how it looks natural, soft tones that totally can be taken from stone. I adore the shape of her head, I love seeing what other artists come up with, she's elegant and wonderful and just perfect and different from what I'd do! That's why I adore artistic freedom and adoptions like this. Plus I adore Oryx, I just never draw them. <333 SO different, and so awesome. The tail, ah, the floof!

    Thank you thank you. I'm delighted to have caught one of these and you totally knocked it out of the park for me. I love, love, love this design. XD

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      I'm so happy you enjoy her colors and design, especially the head! Oryx and kirin are two of my favorites I just had to sneak some in