[EZEM]~! by Pearlsnake



1 April 2014 at 12:08:55 MDT

Personal suit stage 1: Partial.

This is one of the only two submissions I'll make of Ezem Ezem; thre'll be another one when her body is finished, other than that, Ezem has her own account where her pictures will be over here: ---> Ezem

Ezem is my second attempt at making a suit and my first airbrush attempt; I'm happy with her so, no critiques please, to spare my feels.

-Head is built on a modified dreamvisioncreations small cat resin base. Base was cut and shaped out with foam padding. Silicone tongue, nose and pads also from DVC.
-She has LED eyes, apoxie lids and lips, wefted kanekalon hair, eyelashes, horse hair whiskers, a fan in the muzzle and both sewn/airbrushed markings.
-Feet are Isotoner shoes and lots of foam with (awesome) utility soles and pads because I can't take care of fur-soled feet. :'3

So hi!

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    Amazing work! She has so much character in her eyes!

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    Wait... that is your FIRST attempt at a fursuit head ever!?

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      ^^ Ezem is my second partial, my old cat was my first. So, second go at making the head, hands, paws and tail, but first time using an airbrush, electronics, hand wefting for the hair, parade soles, whiskers and other smaller finishes. There was a lot about Dotty that was made weirdly because I had no idea what I was doing :'D She had seams everywhere and was held together with a lick and about 15 lbs of glue, so I decided to give it a second try to fix what I didn't like and Ezem was the result.

      She'll also be my first body :D! ... hence why it's taken an eternity to pattern and carve out her leg padding ._.

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        X.x I can't even sew. Lol I also will never ware a full suit thanks to a horrible experience in one so I'll just look at everyone else's. I like my partials. But this suit you're making looks really cool! Defiantly will get attention. Especially since it will be a fursuit. Everyone loves them more for sons reason.