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The Acknowledgement by Pattarchus

The Acknowledgement


Commissioned artwork. 2023. 

In a land full of anthropomorphic mammals, Ashosz was an unusual sight. The black naga was a reclusive creature, rarely seen and even more rarely heard. He lived withdrawn and had little contact with the other beings of the land. As the town's deathsman, he found this quite convenient.

But this peace was to be disturbed one night. A troop of bounty hunters had suddenly appeared in his town. Rats. The worst of their kind. They invaded his house, driven by the desire to collect the bounty that had been placed on the Naga's head.

Ashosz was already expecting the intruders, who had absolutely no reason for coming into his house. His cobra hood was stretched wide open and he ripped open his jaws. He hissed, giving his pent-up rage an all too welcome outlet. The snake pulled his black hood down from his head. He glared at the rats. He was angry. So very angry. And the rats will satiate that voracious craving that was gnawing at him.

The rats were caught off guard by the ferocity of the naga and tried to escape, but the naga gave them no opportunity to do so. He grabbed his huge, heavy battle axe and lunged at them, swinging it with incredible speed and power. The rats were no match for the Naga's skill and strength.

The next day, the night watch saw Ashosz returning from the fields of the deceased very early. Both looked at each other for a moment. As if both were trying to have a better understanding of the other just by exchanging glances.

Just right before the moment was gone, they both nodded silently to each other in acknowledgement of the events of the previous night.

Drawn by nitrods
Ashosz (Naga) (c) by Pattarchus

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