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.: Vet Appointment :. by Pattarchus

.: Vet Appointment :.


Gifted artwork. 2022.

At some point, the day arrives when even a non-observant, constantly annoying, bad-tempered and non-stop drooling Tailmaw has to go and see the doctor. 

Unfortunately, this situation is not even the slightest bit fun for any one of the people involved. 

Indeed, Gromsr's regular general practitioner had made it very clear a long time ago that he did not feel responsible for this particular Tailmaw. No matter how much and to what extent they shared the same body.

And that left only the veterinarian. After all, they knew their way around maws that wouldn't or couldn't talk, the small, the large and monstrous types, razor sharp teeth and last but not least, the extremely stubborn ones.

Fortunately, all the extremes wanted to apply to this one Tailmaw at once.

And this time, Gromsr's tag-along didn't feel like doing what was needed at all.


Drawn by chanikoart
Gromsr (Badger) (c) by Pattarchus

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