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Winding Coils by Pattarchus

Winding Coils


Commissioned artwork. 2019.

It's not easy being a three-headed creature and it's definitely not easy to be a creature of the underworld. At first it was an experiment to try out this fairly new concept of friendship, but things definitely got out of hand. Or ... one of my snouts INTO a hand! Can you imagine this? Not only we got trapped between those heavy winding coils of a naga, but also silenced ... or muzzled like an ordinary toy-dog!

Thank you nitrods for creating this sweet picture. I am very happy about this picture with my dear friend grey-dragon who is a great companion for many years by now. Thank you so much.

Drawn by nitrods
Vulniir (Snoodle) (c) by grey-dragon
Pattarchus (Three-headed Hellhound) (c) by Pattarchus

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