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Depression Doesn't Write Stories by Skolli by Patrigue

Depression Doesn't Write Stories by Skolli


This piece doesn't really have much of a story to go with it.

You can't really make depression humorous or dramatic... I mean, you can if you're a good enough writer, but not really when you're going through it. You just... want the world to stop. You wake up wishing you could go back to sleep because you don't have to think when you're asleep. But you have to get up, either because you have to use the bathroom or you're going to be late for work or whatever.

And dealing with the outside world just feels like a day-long obstacle to get back to your four walls of "fuck off"-grade solitude. Conversations test your patience. Compliments sound like sarcasm. Even saying "Hello" or "Good Morning" can feel like a chore, sometimes.

But whatever. Eventually, you learn to put up with yourself. You take your meds, you talk to whoever you need to, and you do what you need to in order to get by. One day at a time.

Don't worry, guys. This is just a vent piece I commissioned back when I was having trouble writing that last chapter. I've still got life to deal with, but hopefully things will be all right in the end.

Amazing art done by skolli skolli, whom you can find over

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