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Eve 5naf by patchesfox

Eve 5naf


So Eve got a part-time job at this kind of shady looking was supposed to be an easy job.

Eve sighed softly as she adjusted the cap on her head, the security uniform didn't really fit that well and was made of cheap material so it wasn't the most comfortable thing she had ever worn. Looking around the small room, the security office was a tiny room with a door on either side and a little desk. The fan was blowing but didn't seem to be doing much and the desk had a stack of text books she had brought with her. Eve was trying to finish up her classes at the University and of course money was tight so a night security sounded like a great part time job! She could sit in the little office and study her books, check the cameras on the tablet once in awhile and make a bit of money! Faz bear's Pizza was a nice enough place in it's prime, anamotronic characters entertained the children and the food wasn't horrible. Over time the anamotronics kind of crossed the uncanny valley and there was this odd smell that wasn't very pleasant. The place was going under and everyone knew that but they still needed security just to make sure nothing happened. Eve glanced at the clock reading midnight and leaned back in the chair opening her thick text book. The sudden ringing of the phone made her give a scared 'squeak' and almost made her fall out of her chair. The phone went to the answering machine before she could collect herself.
"Hello, hello? Hi there, welcome to Freddy Faz bear entertainment. You just have the nightwatch so it should be an easy night for you. Just to let you know the characters like to walk around at night, don't worry they shouldn't be too active. Just check the cameras and keep an eye on things. If any of them get close just close the door. They are programed follow the rules and if they see you they may think you're one of them without your covering and they may try to put you into a suit. Which might not be so bad except for all the support rods, wires and what-not in the yeah. Hey don't worry, it should be easy as long as you don't have like a giant fluffy tail or something!" the voice on answering machine cut off leaving Eve feeling a bit confused. Adjusting her glasses she thought to herself
"The anamatronics just walk around...? Wait did he say big fluffy tail?!" the skunk girl looked over her shoulder at the rather large extra fluffy tail of hers. Giving a little shrug she tried not to think about it and just went back to her book, trying not to let the eerie quiet bother her. Perhaps tomorrow she would bring a radio or something. After a few chapters, Eve was feeling much more relaxed and stopped thinking about the creepy animatronics. The young skunk's ears twitched as she heard a small sound from up the hall. Picking up the tablet she flipped through the cameras, odd a few of the characters were scattered about...well the phone guy said they liked to walk around. The sound of rapid footsteps drew her attention as she looked over towards the left doorway. Panicking she pressed the large button to close the door slamming the heavy metal door in place just as the sound of the foot steps grew loud enough to be right there. A loud bang echoed through the room as what ever it was slammed against the door, something large and angry was throwing itself at the door from the other side. Screaming in fear, Eve fell back tripping across her chair and stumbling back just trying to get away from what ever was assaulting the door. Shivering and crying she crawled as far from the noise as she could, scooting back on the floor until she bumped into something. Giving a tiny gasp as she felt herself back into something, realizing she crawled out the other doorway. Shivering in fear she took a slow breath and looked up to see what she touched. Her eyes met with the large plastic eyes sitting in the oversized eye sockets giving it a creepy wide-eyed look. The large blue rabbit anamatronic looked down at her, their eyes meeting for just a moment before shrieking and lunged down at her....

then everything went black.

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