Coyote by Pastel Piglet


Pastel Piglet

1 October 2014 at 22:04:16 MDT

TheCrowButt's coyote. This picture is a tad experimental. ^ u^;

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    This is absolutely amazing. I adore how this came out. <:

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      Yay. ♥ Here's a bar-less version, too:

      Wasn't sure which aesthetic looked best.

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        Would you be willing to let me turn this into a book mark? <3

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          Oh you could do whatever you want with this! It's yours!

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            Thank you!!<3 I'm going to order 25 book marks. LOL I don't have much of a choose sense they wont let me order just 5. Oh well. Thank you so much ahh. This is truly amazing. I would really love to get another of of these sometime if you have a commission price for these, please past them to me!

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              LOL! That is quite a lot. Suppose you'll never run out! XD Or maybe make back some money by selling some?

              I've decided to just do a flat price of $20 for anything anyone would ever want. . . but even that is negotiable. I'm so lazy. ; u;'

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                Ahaha, thats a good price for a portrait like this. :) Laugh I'm horrid at pricing though. It turns out that the order I was about to make was like 152$?? I was like "Are you kidding me????" So I'll have to figure out a know way to get dem book marks scuffs.XD

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                  Ahhh. Really? Great! I get told I shouldn't be asking for money in life offline. So I never know if what I'm doing is right. @ o@; WOAH That's quite the price tag. > _> Maybe go to, like a UPS or a FedEx, or any office shop and get it printed? The staff there might be able to help you get what you want, and for an affordable price.