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Ra'el Ref Sheet by PastellReh

Ra'el Ref Sheet


Ref sheet commission for redmaker~!

He was allot of time and work but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out and I'm really
happy redmaker is glad about his design as well ; v ;

art © PastelDeer
character © RedMaker

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Visual / Digital


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    "Happy" doesn't even come close to what I feel right now, it's more like AKLFMAEIFI!! I still think this is worth more than what I paid (not even mentioning the work it ment for you), so I still owe you one! :3

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      I'm really glad you like it though! It took all the stress off of messing it up while I was drawing it. Plus I like the ideas and descriptions you gave me originally, I knew he'd have some sort of awesome colour scheme and the ruin markings idea was one of my favourites. I like anything ruins or circuit looking for designs.

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        I honestly wasn't sure if anyone can draw what I had in mind - and you proved me wrong. Doesn't happen that often to me that being proven wrong feels this good, actually...
        But yea, you just made what was just an idea before, even better than I thought. Thanks a lot for this, maybe I'll get back to you for some more art at some point. :3