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Draw Your ARMS: Aria Melody by PartlySmith

Draw Your ARMS: Aria Melody


Aria Melody introduces Tracie to the Wielder tradition of “PVP” matches, wherein two Wielders spar against one another as a means of generating more views and potentially growing their fanbase. She starts out as something of a rival for Tracie, but the two quickly become friends after Aria is impressed by Tracie’s skill and versatility.

Aria is boisterous and headstrong. She seems to have a bit of an ego, but not so much that it consumes her. While some may see her as loud and crude, she places strong value in companionship and a genuine concern for the safety and well being of others.

Aria is an aspiring musician, with a taste for electronic genres such as house, EDM, and dubstep (and other genres that I don’t know anything about). She uses her profession as a Wielder as a means of spreading her music, scroing videos of her battles with original songs.

Her ARMSystem is a bluetooth speaker, with allows her to become ARMS Wielder Beat. As Beat, she has the ability to sounds to her hammer, thus giving her hammer the effect of those sounds (for example; if she used the sound effect of a roaring fire, her hammer would burn any object it strikes).

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