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Draw Your ARMS: Belle Scribe by PartlySmith

Draw Your ARMS: Belle Scribe


Belle Scribe is the first professional Wielder Tracie meets after becoming a Wielder herself and serves as a sort of mentor and guide to the profession.

Belle appears to be a bit of a loner, with an apathetic, almost monotone demeanor and often speaks with a dry, sarcastic wit. However, she’s much friendlier than one would assume from her exterior and firmly believes in aiding others whenever she has the ability to do so.

Before she became a Wielder, Belle was an aspiring author. She had written a fair amount of fanfics in her younger days and written multiple manuscripts for original novels, but has never been able to find a publisher. Her blog started gaining more recognition after she became a Wielder, but she noticed a small sliver of a her fans of her fans actually cared for her writing.

Belle’s ARMSystem is a fountain pen which allows her to become ARMS Wielder Ink. As Ink, she has the ability to apply properties to her spear and other inanimate objects by writing certain words on said object; for example, if she were to write the word “heavy” on her spear, it would increase in weight and hit harder. Certain words simply won’t work, however (such as “indestructible” or “lethal”) and years and simple trial and error have taught her the limits of her abilities.

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