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Draw Your ARMS: Tracie Linnel by PartlySmith

Draw Your ARMS: Tracie Linnel


Tracie Linnel, the protagonist of Draw Your ARMS, a digital artist who dreams of being a webcomic author but is between jobs and struggling to get by, until her tablet is transformed into an ARMSystem, allowing her to become a “Wielder,” going by the name Sketch. She eventually gets involved in Wielder culture, posting videos of her fights online and using not-Patreon to make a living.

As Sketch, she has the power to summon drawings from her tablet to be used as weapons or other objects. However, she can only have a maximum of two drawings summoned at a time. She also cannot draw living things or complicated machines (for example, if she tried to draw a gun, she’d just summon a gun-shaped chunk of matter that can’t do anything).

Tracie is a rather meek person, who would prefer to spend her time at home, watching anime and playing video games when she isn’t working on art. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight, and would rather be recognized just for her work and her ideas. However, she suddenly finds herself becoming quite popular upon becoming a Wielder.

More info on the Draw Your ARMS world can be seen here.

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