Gillda by PartlySmith



29 December 2018 at 22:58:12 MST

Gillda is a character I created in October 2015 (and i'm uploading this image specifically cause it's the best drawing of her to date)

She's a shy, reclusive "mercreature" (Creature from the Black Lagoon-style monster) who lives in the partially flooded dungeons of a monster-filled castle. She is also obsessed with the mysterious world of humans, unlike most other monsters who are terrified of humans and their unfortunate history of monster-murder.

Lucky for her, one day a male human managed to stumble into the castle... and unfortunately had his eyes plucked out of his head by a creature known as Stargazer. Gillda takes it upon herself to help the human retrieve his eyes and escape the castle before it becomes the death of him.

Unfortunately, said human seems to think Gillda herself is also a human, forcing Gillda to use a glamour potion (an illusion that makes humans perceive monsters as humans themselves) to keep him from discovering her monstrous nature once he gets his eyes back. There's just one problem: the more time Gillda spends with the human, the stronger her feelings for him become.

Gillda's Glamour is a project I've been working on for about three years at the time of this post. I've been working on a rough "screenplay" for a while now but I'm not sure what to do with it if I ever finish it. I've discussed it at-length on my Tumblr:

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