Come With MEEEE by PartiallySpooky

Come With MEEEE


8 August 2016 at 10:35:49 MDT

Just an example of what my traditional sketches look like so I can get my commission section completed because I have been avoiding it for too long.

Not much to say. I think this sketch is cute.


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    You like homestuck?
    Cool ^^

    Your traditional art is grate ^^
    Would you do more ttraditional in the future?

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      I do, I am homestuck trash. And I have 3 fantrolls. I listen to homestuck music when I draw sometimes. I need help.

      I draw traditional a lot I just don't typically upload. I can upload some in the future if you are interested? I just don't really color traditionally.

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        XD haha
        Hey, it's ok, you're not alone
        I too am trash, but of doctor who X3

        I am interested o3o
        Really? Why?
        You're awesome at traditional, why not color?

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          Doctor who is great too! I am excited for the next season to start!
          I am afraid of traditional coloring and it is expensive. You can't undo mistakes you make, and supplies cost money and get used up. Digital offers endless colors in endless supply. And I guess I do color traditionally sometimes. I have some reeeeaaaallly nice markers (8$ a marker). So I am torn between afraid to use them up and the waste of not using them at all.
          idk, maybe I will color something traditionally soon...

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            I love doctor who OwO
            Sadly I haven't seen ALL of the episodes :/ I would need to buy the hole DVD sets so I can watch them.

            Ah, well....try, there's no harm in trying, I don't buy those type of markers because I don't know how to use them ^^" I use regular old map colors

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              The episodes had been on netflix. Could be worth it to purchase one month of netflix just to watch them.

              I actually took a class on how to use these markers. They are something different.

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                Oh....I don't have WiFi, so if I get Netflix, it would take an eternity for them to load

                Oh? Cool
                I'm self taught

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                  thats a bummer ):

                  I'm largely self taught too :) I almost wanted to go to school for art though. But I decided to pick a different path instead. I just keep art as a hobby now. How long have you been drawing for?

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                    Yeah :/

                    My dream was to go to the art institute of Huston college.....sadly we don't have the money for that and I had to go to Mexico to college, studying a carrier that I didn't understand shit about and I really didn't like it, thank God I only did a year, it started to get pretty bad over there and now I'm just at home, hopefully I'll get a job soon and start working.
                    Now I feel like shit that I made my parents throw away all that money and me not getting a deploma...
                    Sadly now I won't be able to go to my dream college...

                    I've been drawing since I was in 4rth grade, back in 2005 or 06
                    So....if you sum it up I've been....drawing for....
                    10 years I believe

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                      Oh wow o: That is crazy, I am not even sure what to say. What were you studying or were you still doing general classes at only a year in?

                      That is a long time! I have been drawing as long as I can remember, but I only have copies of drawings going back about 6th grade. I wasn't thinking I should hold on to them before that.

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                        It was something about world trade classification or something like that, I can't remember.
                        I didn't choose to do a year because in mexico it doesn't work the same as it does here.
                        I just...basacly dropped out

                        I still have all my drawings that I've done....well not from 4-5th grade but some from 6th grade
                        Last time I checked I had up to 1,000 something drawings