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QD, Sweaty Synth in Stone (Petrification) Page 3 by Paphvul

QD, Sweaty Synth in Stone (Petrification) Page 3


And thus, his transformation is complete. Well, you've gotta admit, it's a good look on him~ Struck a hell of a pose, too. Even in stone, every pore of this chubby synth's petrified bod is dripping with sweat.

Of course, he may be stuck as an unusually sweaty inanimate object, but he's still my master, so I'll move him in front of the TV... Provided I don't get too distracted with that armpit, and the basilisk doesn't show up again. Otherwise... Well, the caverns could always use yet another fat statue~

... Shoot, he left the sauna door open, didn't he.