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QD, Sweaty Synth in Stone (Petrification) Page 1 by Paphvul

QD, Sweaty Synth in Stone (Petrification) Page 1


For a synth like QD, many modifications and additional parts exist to emulate certain facets of their organic counterparts. Naturally, he can't help but try a few out, and here he is trying an exotic coolant system that basically works like sweat (with some optional rubbery musk he had installed with it). Now, how to test this out? Why, with the sauna built just on the other side of the gate connecting my lair with the caverns proper, of course~ Now he's dripping with the stuff!

Of course, as this sweaty fella's about to learn, there's a reason I had this part of the cave walled off behind a steel door, dangit!