Nighty Bear Reference 2020 by Paper-Wings

Nighty Bear Reference 2020


9 March 2020 at 20:57:00 MDT

My markings haven't changed significantly, but I was generally unhappy with my anatomy and composition on my previous reference, so I decided to go all out and make myself a much better reference for my fursona. I changed the layout and composition of this countless times until I settled on a corkboard design. I have one above my desk that I pin inspring things too, so I used that same concept to "pin" concepts related to my interests and personality. I think it will help artists I am commissioning understand what topics I am interested in to pull from for inspiration! I had way too much fun drawing the text to look like labels printed from a label maker, making the images look like polariods or postcards, and the main bodies to look like stickers.

I have gotten a lot more used to drawing bears, so some aspects of how I draw her have changed since my previous reference (2017), including how I draw her snoot and lips. Also I noticed a lot of artists had problems understanding how I drew her arm and leg markings, so I drew the standing pose to hopefully help. This also more clearly shows the belly and how it connects to the chest, which wasn't shown before.

I was originally going to make this a friggen mega reference with three anthro views as well, but after putting in over 30 hours on this (mostly redrawing/rearranging things) I decided to leave it at this for now, and can provide anthro examples if necessary.

The corkboard texture I used is free for commercial use with attribution (with credit) and can be found here.

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