[A] Hyena Adopts -- OPEN (6/8) by PandoranMama

[A] Hyena Adopts -- OPEN (6/8)


5 July 2018 at 11:34:15 MDT

Price: $10USD - Paypal Only

  1. MintChoc - Spotted Hyena - OPEN
  2. Neo - Brown Hyena - OPEN
  3. Lavender - Striped Hyena - Keeping
  4. Icy - Aardwolf - OPEN
  5. Algae - Brown Hyena - Crazyfred95
  6. Vitamin - Spotted Hyena - OPEN
  7. Ghoul - Striped Hyena - OPEN
  8. RetroMelon - Aardwolf - OPEN

Adopt Rules

1. First come, first serve.
2. Do not copy/trace/claim as your own if you are not the owner.
3. I only ask for credit to be given for design on first pic you post of it to your account.
4. Once bought, name/age/personality/etc are all up to you. Minor changes to design are allowed.
5. New owner will receive full res version with no watermark.
6. If you no longer want the design, trading and gifting is allowed. If you want to sell the design, no more than what you bought it for. Additional art can raise the price.

If anyone is interested in a custom design, please note me.
I can use the base, simply need an palette and idea for markings.
Customs will be, base price, $15USD.

Designs © Me
Lineart © SoberDOGS

My Commissions are Open!

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