Bear-sitter robot by pandapaco

Bear-sitter robot


28 December 2012 at 21:27:32 MST

This is a fake product for a presentantion in the english class.

Inspired in Teddy bear, from the Artificial Inteligence film, by Steven Spielberg.

The fake logo of our fake company is completaly inspired in "Bad Robot" Production's logo.

The project has been worked with a good friend, both were planing this, I did the drawings, and she wrote this:

"The new Bear-sitter is a robot bear specialized in childcare. Programed following the robotics laws, never will be a hazard for your kids.

Bear-sitter will be created to be the perfect nanny for your children and also help you to keep an eye on your kids. Will be equipped with a video camera on his eyes allowing you watch were your kids are, what they are doing, who is whit them and also, whit the new sophisticated audio system you will listen any conversation or sound in 10 meters perimeter around.

It has an advanced emotion system, this allow the Bear-sitter having feelings and interact better whit the children. Bear-sitter reacts to the kid’s emotions; if they feel sad, Bear-sitter will cheer up them. If the kids feel happy, Bear-sitter will celebrate with them. If the kids are boring, Bear-sitter will entertain them: dancing, singing, telling jokes, talking with them about their favorite topics or playing with the children favorite toys, the bear will be realizing what are their favorite topics and plays. Bear-sitter reacts like a human.

Bear-sitter has an advanced artificially memory, he can play board games and puzzles, adapting to the difficulty that the child can play. Also, he has a video game mode, this allows Bear-sitter play games whit the children. The video game mode can also rate the video game and tell if is appropriate for the age of the player.

With a very resistant structure (made of Iridium), Bear-sitter is skilled to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, cycling, running and many other outdoor games.

Bear-sitter counts with an educational system, if your kids have problems whit the homework, Bear-sitter will help them. Is equipped with electronic encyclopedia, Bear-sitter can help whit basic Math, English, Spanish, Geography and History, this encyclopedia is constantly actualized by internet.

Have 101 delicious and nutritive recipes to feed your child correctly. If you can`t go home to make the dinner Bear-sitter will cook for you.

We investigated about the correct parenting, physical and psychological need of the children."