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Millones de Kilómetros by pandapaco

Millones de Kilómetros


Hoy nos escapamos a aquel lugar donde lo que más nos importa es lo único que existe, donde podemos sentir la naturaleza en nuestras patas y el tiempo transcurre al ritmo que nosotros queremos, donde somos tan jóvenes o tan viejos como nosotros decidimos.
Juntos, esos momentos nunca se olvidarán.

Regalo de cumpleaños para Rush, de Sans
¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
Sans es el velociraptor.
Rush es el reno.

Today we escape to that place where what matters most to us is the only thing that exists, where we can feel nature on our paws and time passes at the pace we want, where we are as young or as old as we decide.
Together, those moments will never be forgotten.

Birthday gift for Rush from Sans
Happy Birthday, Rush!
Sans is the velociraptor. (
Rush is the reindeer. (

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    It's wonderful how you keep your themes fresh and fun, with a style like this, and then also like the Roni and Veemon one.. a different style! Thanks for all you do! -sending winghugs-

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      Awww thank you C!
      Thanks for always looking at my silly work n__n
      And yeah, I always like to experiment with many things. It's fun and it keeps me away from repeating myself
      Awrfff I would love winghugs n///n