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Croc's childhood by pandapaco

Croc's childhood


"When I was young, my vinyl 45's were everything; I would regularly alphabetize them in my room...THIS room, in Davison, Michigan in the early 80s" -Croc

It was a really awesome experience to sit down with my friend Croc, at his current place, while he was describing me by memory how was his room when he was a kid while I was sketching it (not this final result, I did a very different rough sketch). It was a really nice experience to listen him, and also to read him when he remembered something else and he also sent me many references.

"I really wish I had a photo of my real room, mostly so you could see how closely you've come to it without ever really seeing much of the room at all" -Croc

Some of these vinyls are based on actual 45 record sleeves. Can you recognize any?

Picture for the great Croc Croc O'Dile.
Digital. Photoshop.


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    Croc's room when he was growing up! :D

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    What an emotional piece. I love seeing this slice of someone's life represented in such a cute and beautiful artwork.