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FE2ME doodles by pandapaco

FE2ME doodles


My best drawings ever, aren't them?
Those are drawings done by my character, he's very talented. Also very friendly, just look how many friends he has done during his trips.
If you ever see him doing Doodles for Charity, expect seeing this style. Learned how to draw thanks to the great master: Barley Mutt.

All these doodles were for the video FE2ME (Furnal Equinox To Me), explaining what that convention means to us.
Check my video on:
Or check the convention's collage on:

  1. My trip from taco-land to poutine-land
  2. Tim Hortons is so yummy
  3. Toronto is very cold on March
  4. But the convention is so warm, especially for the people. (Featuring: Sid, Tealeaf and TJ)
  5. I'm coming from Mexico! 6 & 7. I didn't know many people from Canada the first time I attended the convention, but it was very easy to make good friends (Featuring: Stage Lion, Gauge and Dumpling)
  6. And I can play snow wars with other fur friends. (Featuring: Clouwy and bootz bootz)

Traditional. Crayons.