OMG Snow!!! by pandapaco

OMG Snow!!!


25 March 2019 at 12:43:15 MDT

Illustration for the trading cards for Nordic FuzzCon.
These annual cards are related to the theme of every year, this year's was A Winter Howliday, or they could even be related to the convention itself.

Difference of personalities about a snowy day.
This picture was very inspired from the video of Niic the singing dog, check it out, it is very funny:

Kitty is Trax

And of course, Mausie in the backgroun (I think everyone gonna start thinking I have a problem with Mausie, hehe. I love him, he's a very cute mascot, and I enjoy accepting this kind of projects for NFC, and since it is for NFC, I can't help but drawing Mausie over and over again (and can't complain about it) )

Digital. Photoshop / Medibang.