My first artbook: Greatest hits. Pre-Sale. by pandapaco

My first artbook: Greatest hits. Pre-Sale.


10 July 2018 at 16:28:21 MDT

My first artbook is close to be released. The big premiere will be at Megaplex 2018. On August 3, 2018.
I'm very excited/nervous about this. It's the first time this is happening.

If you like my silly art, I'm sure you'll like it, it will contain new and old art. Book is in English and Spanish at the same time (since Spanish is my native language).

By now, at Megaplex is the only place you can purchase it physically, a very short first edition for this upcoming convention in Orlando, FL. During Dealer's Den hours. (Only 150 copies for sale)

But I'm giving only 50 books as pre-sale, with a chance of shipping them worldwide. Also you can pay your pre-sale and picking it up at the convention with no shipping charges.

—Pre-orders are SOLD OUT—-
(Thank you for such amazing response, I'm very surprised!!)
All the pre-orders paid with shipping, will be mailed on August 15th, 2018.

I won't be selling them personally at Megaplex, but there will be times I'll announce on my telegram channel when I'll be on the booth, if you want me to sign your copy during the convention.
All the books purchased on the pre-sale will be signed. So on the first blank of the google form, put the name you want me to sign for you.

My telegram channel:

It will depend of the success of this first edition, if I'll print more or not. Hopefully I will n__n
Thank youu!!

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