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World Cup 2018: Group F by pandapaco

World Cup 2018: Group F


16 June 2018 at 15:53:57 MDT

I was checking who is gonna play with Mexico on this world cup, and they are South Korea, Germany and Sweden.

Eh I have good friends from Sweden and Germany, ooh I don't have friends from Korea. But it is gonna interesting who is gonna win, if Shorty shortythedragon (that German little red dragon), Trax (the Swedish goalie house cat) or Paco pandapaco (the derpiest mexican panda). And of course Sweden is cheating because they have Mausie (the NordicFuzzCon mascot), that gives them 10 goals in their favor by default, only because he's cute.

And Zabivaka, the cutest world cup mascot, couldn't miss, cheering us up.

On this picture, it seems like we're bullying Germany, but it's for sure Germany will bully Sweden and Mexico, they are the world champions, so let's see it!! It's gonna be fun to watch.

I'm not into football very much (only team mascots), but it is always exciting to see the world cup.


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    Lmao, derpiest Mexican panda... -u-