Belmont park by pandapaco

Belmont park


1 February 2018 at 13:45:13 MST

During our trip to California, our first stop was San Diego. We crossed the border by walk from Tijuana, and there our host was my friend Kazan.

We spent a whole day going to many cool places he knew around the area, a beautiful national park, some really nice beaches with lots of sea lions, a restaurant with very yummy food. But it was a point of the day we had no idea what else to do, it was too early to go back, but too late for many things, and while I was checking the map, I asked if Belmont park was interesting, he didn't know what was that, so we simply went, to discover together a new spot.

What a surprise!! It was a mini amusement park with rides next to the beach, long time ago I hadn't ridden a roller coaster, it was small but looked cool, so I insisted we definitely should ride it. We did. Aaaaah what experience!! It was too much fun, I missed so much that feeling!!

We were only three, so I had my own kart, Kazan (who is supposed to be very fat (he's not) ) was with Koidel, poor coyote!!

We really enjoyed our time in San Diego. Next day we went to the zoo (PANDAS!!) and we walked around the Balboa park. We only had two days, but those were two high quality days in company of great friends.

The best thing about memories is making them.

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