MFF 17 door sign by pandapaco

MFF 17 door sign


12 December 2017 at 19:24:10 MST

I roomed with these cool toonies, I feel very lucky to be friend of them.
Even if in the end we didn't put this sign for the room (we were not on an official hotel of the convention, and I was shy to hang this out the room, that hotel was not exclusively furry), I printed this as a poster and a door hanger. The good new is that this time nobody stole our sign, haha.

We were RC (that giant mouse on the top, he's very tall!), Ringo aurorafox aurorafox (that rascal in a pilot's suit), Paco (that dumb naked oreo bear), and Darwin (that tiny diminute deer).

MFF was a great con!! And rooming with these guys was amazing. I'm sorry for my late arrivals to the room >///< everyone was already sleeping. What happens is that I am a very festive panda who tries to take advantage of until the last minute of the convention nights, and gets up very early to continue.