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New cards by pandapaco

New cards


It was just years ago when I had new business cards, done for my very first furry convention. It was time to print new cards because they were run out, but instead just printing another bunch, I thought it was perfect time to create a new design and to add new networks I didn't have two years ago.

The background for the picture has a lot of personal items, it's a fictional place, I really wish I had a place like that for my own. Originally that background was done for a project that never worked, and since it was very personal for me, I decided to include it for my cards (that is the same image it's used for the Megaplex GoH page).

I think an attic, more than scary, is a very private place, I wish I had a house with one, I would make it a personal studio with all my art crafts, computer and a little window to see the world from there. One day, when I stop living in little apartments.

If you want one of these, come to my artists alley table at MFF (if I get one) or check my art show panel at the same convention (if I get a place, it's not sure I can have a place on either places, maybe MFF will be a con only to have fun without working). Or at any other future convention I would be attending: Further Confussion, Texas Furry Fiesta, Furrnion, BLFC and Megaplex (those are for sure on 2018)

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