Happy Halloween by pandapaco

Happy Halloween


31 October 2017 at 15:21:34 MDT

And it's a really happy day when you share those amazing moments with the people you love.

This little puppy is Fizzle, with his home-made disguise he feels awesome and ready to scare every house their knock for trick-r-treating.
And he's so little to be by his own, so his dad is with him, making for his sun this day even more great.

(Sometimes I wish I had the experience of this tradition when I was a kid, in my country this tradition almost doesn't exist, and if it exists, it is a variation of the american tradition, but at least in the town I grew up this was non-existent. But instead I have many nice memories of this season for the day of the dead, visiting the cementery, the smell of the place: a combination of scents, between cempasuchil flower and incense; and of course the flavors of the chocolate skulls and the special bread for this season. I can't complain, this season was also amazing for me)

Happy Halloween to everyone!!

Traditional picture: Colored pencils


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    Very cute artwork!!! Something to cheer my up at this time of night. Right now unfortunately it's raining, so I won't be getting any trick-or-treaters at my house.