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Splashing on the river by pandapaco

Splashing on the river


This pic is for Isaiah Ritchey, his character Isabelle the other with a new friend he found playing in the water.

I don't know if you experienced, when you was young, to have a friend during vacations, spending a great time with them, but when each one went back home, your lifes got separated completely, and probably you will never know anything about them.

That happened many times during my childhood, we were not a wealthy family, but my parents enjoyed to take the car during weekends and go out to the adventure, so many weekends were like vacations for us, we didn't have to wait for school vacations to enjoy a trip.
So it was very common to know people, kids around my age, that we became friends of one day, no matter the genre, sometimes were girls, sometimes boys. I remember some of them, their faces, their names, our adventures, I'm not sure if they remember me, but it's for sure it will be really hard to know something about them again, they grew up as the same I did, our faces changed, our lifes went to other ways.

And in those times there were no social networks, hehe. I'm talking from 1999 to behind. I think we barely knew what interenet was.

This is a traditional pic: color markers.

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