My first snowfall ever by pandapaco

My first snowfall ever


9 December 2016 at 19:18:33 MST

Many of you knew very well that I hadn't seen snow in my entire life, I'm from Mexico and here we never get snow.
One of my silly dreams was to see and feel how was a real snowfall, outside the movies or artificial snow at malls.

Last week I went to Chicago with friends, from November 29th to December 7th, and that sunday, during the Midwest Furfest, I woke up and WOOW IT WAS SNOWING OUTSIDE!!! As soon as I saw it from the room's window, 2 minutes after I was down enjoying my first snow ever, and it was not disappointing, I knew the first time had to be very special, and it was. How more special it could be than surrounded by friends and this big fandom I call my family.

Plays on the snow, catching snowflakes with the tongue, snow fights with fursuits, many hugs, slippery floor, see everything around all white, yes, it was very beautiful!!!

In each gallery I'm submitting a different picture, so if you watch me on Deviantart, Furaffinity, Inkbunny, Weasyl and Furry Network, you'll see a different pic in each one. And if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook (fan page, my personal FB account is....personal, sorry if I don't accept requests there) I'll be sharing all pictures I took.

Soon I'll be writting a journal about my whole experience at MFF, that personally I can call it my most favorite furry convention until now.
And on that journal I'll share the link to see all my pictures, same that I'll be sharing on FB and Twitter.

Pic taken by: salmy salmy

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    It doesn't snow very much where I live.

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      It never snows where I live, that's why I was very excited with snow n__n

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        Yup the first time it snowed for me was when I was 6 or 7.

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    I didn't even think of this being your first snowfall, but it makes sense. Very glad it was a good first experience.

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      Thank you very much, it was a very enjoyable experience!

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    So glad to hear you had a great snowy time ^v^

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      YEEES It was!!! And it was an eagle who trhew to me the first snowball

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    Snow is always nice the first time. I was born in California but lived most of my life outside the country in El Salvador. Four years ago I moved to Utah with a friend I met in FA. I was amazed by snow the first time I arrived here, but after your first winter you learn to hate it XD Driving to work every day on snow or ice is very tricky. It's always wet, slushy, muddy and you get really tired of the cold. Another thing I dislike is how short days are.